Selling Your Firearm Safely

Every day, responsible gun owners take certain safety measures. You ensure your firearms are used and stored safely to help protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community from intentional or unintentional harm. Selling your firearm safely can help achieve those same goals.

Using a federal firearms licensee (FFL) can provide you a secure process if you want to transfer your firearm to another person. In addition to helping facilitate the sale generally, FFLs can conduct background checks on prospective buyers.

If you are selling your gun to a person who lives outside your state, using an FFL is required under federal law. If you are selling your gun to a person who lives in the same state, using an FFL is voluntary under federal law – but you should check the laws of your state. Some states impose background check or other requirements on private sales.

Please be advised that under federal law, FFLs are NOT required to facilitate private transfers. (Again, states may have different rules.) Before you travel, be sure to call the FFL to ensure this service is available. You can find FFLs local to you by searching for “FFL Finder” on the internet; many sites can help you locate an FFL by zip code.

Private Seller Guide